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You want to go for a long drive but you are very much tired after doing your work in the office. How do you feel If the car drives itself and helps you to reach your destination!!! I am not telling any fantasy stories It will happen with the help of artificial intelligence. Already these kinds of cars are made. And it is just a matter of time to reach our local vehicle shops🚗. Now a bunch of questions arise in your mind that How is it possible? what is artificial intelligence? etc. Keep that curiosity till the end of this article. Let us examine each and every thread of Ai🧐


Artificial Intelligence refers to the incitement of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic our action. The term may also be applied to any machine that indicates traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving skill. Most known artificial intelligence in your daily life is google assistant. The form was Siri developed by Apple company. Then Alexa, Google assistant etc., Came in the field. Artificial Intelligence(AI) has acted as the main driver of emerging technologies like big data, robotics and loT.AI is a group of technologies and a fresh branch of computer science. 


Types of AI can be classified according to their ability to replicate human capabilities. Thus depending on how a machine compares to humans in terms of versatility and performance. AI that can perform more human-like functions with an equivalent level of proficiency will be considered as more evolved type of AI, while an AI that can perform limited function considered as simple or less evolved type.According to this there are 4 types of A

REACTIVE :Has no memory , only responds to different stimuli

LIMITED MEMORY :uses memory to learn and improve its response

THEORY OF MIND :understand the needs of other intelligent entities

SELF AWARE :Has human like intelligence and self-awareness


Everyone fears that due to AI lots of unemployment will occur. But that is not the case countries like Japan ,Korea etc. made a big leap in AI .Almost all their areas are wrapped up with AI .Even though they are not suffering from unemployment.AI is providing lots of job opportunities in different wings .With the help of artificial intelligence we can achieve 0.8-1.4% increase in global labor production within 2065.


🤥Myths :super intelligence by 2100 is inevitable 

       Super intelligence by 2100 is impossible

🤓Facts: it may happen in decades centuries or never .AI      

      Experts disagree 

🤥Myth : only luddites worry about AI

🤓Facts :many top researchers are concerned 

🤥Myth: AI turning evil , AI turning conscious.

🤓Facts:AI turning competent with goals 

🤥Myth:Roborts are the main concern 

🤓Facts: misaligned intelligence is the main concern it needs  

     No body only an internet connection, 

🤥Myth:AI can’t control humans

🤓Facts :intelligence enables control .we control tigers by Being smarter

🤥Myth:machines can’t have goals

🤓Facts: A heat-seeking missile has a goal

🤥Myth:superintelligence is just years away

🤓Facts: its at least decades away but it may take that long to make


Amidst the covid dilemma we can study different artificial intelligence course through online platform for example 

💁Machine learning AI certification by Stanford University(coursera)

💁IBM AI engineering professional certificate(coursera)

💁Artificial Intelligence(Northwestern /kellong school of management)

💁Artificial intelligence business strategies and applications (Berkeley Exec Ed)

💁Deep learning by Andrew Ng (corsera)

💁AI for everyone by Andrew Ng(coursera)

💁Artificial Intelligence certification by Columbia University(edX)

💁Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by IBM (coursera)

💁Microsoft professional certification in artificial intelligence 

💁Tensor Flow for artificial intelligence by deep learning (coursera)

These are the top 10 best online certificate courses for AI.Try it out!! Because the coming decades requires more technological skilled youth.

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