Fortnite chapter 2 season 2

4 years ago

So now the Epic Games have released the Season 2 of Fortnite 2 battle royale which

features the 100 players Vs player type game mode.After the success of Fortnite season 1

Epic game launched this new season with some new cool skins,cosmetics,emotes and

many more events like ASTRO~NOMICAL which features one and only singer and Rapper

Scott Traviss which is on itself huge success for epic games as it witness the 12.3 million player

during that event.

Take a look into the new trailer launched by epic games fortnite

and there is also some news that the current season will be extended till june.


As we all know the fact that fornite is a very successful battle royal based game,but how many of you know the story about this


Epic games fortnite battle royal was not a battle royal at its initial stage ,during that time this game was P Vs E mode which means

player versus enemy mode and you have to create the defence base for the upcoming monster.

But after 2017 Around mid of july they launched there multiplayer battle royal mode which is kind of a copy of player's unknown battleground.

At starting fornite had a very appealing feature called cross~play by which PC gamers can also play and match up with the console players.

it removed the barrier of gaming device.this game gone like a boom launch and many big celebrities started playing this game

amd mean time also promoting it like rapper ,singer Joe Drake and Marshmallow .

A big name came up from no where is Ninja who is no doubt the best player in this game and won many title like Fortnite AM


fortnite is available on many platforms like

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Android/IOS based mobile platform

Fortnite is a skill based game in which your hand to eye coordination is very much needed like whenever you come across a enemy

you have to create a structure of defense from the material you harvested across the map.

so gear up your controller and go join this epic battle royal game

Here is link to download this game free for pc