FAUG to rule over PUBG

3 years ago

The game which gained a lot of fan following, which was not less than a game worm in youths head was none-other than “PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND” aka PUBG. The game was released in 2017, and has consistently been one of the most popular games. It had a peak of over 403.69 thousand parallel players in the month of September, 2020. But then, along with the wave of Covid-19 which entered INDIA, another wave of banning all the links through which INDIA is connected to CHINA came into picture. Along with other mobile applications even this popular game BANNED. Well, along with being a Chinese origin app, it also has few other disadvantages.

  1. Researchers say this game is extremely violent. Which can lead to aggressive thoughts, negativity and behavior which can have bad effects on mental health.   
  2. Many players play for long hours, which is why they get addicted to it and hence lead to becoming less socially active.
  3. Playing this game, one will waste a long time doing nothing productive. 1 battle lasts approximately for an hour, so playing 5-6 battles means spending 6 good hours of your day.

But that's definitely not the complete list..

Anyway, after banning multiple Chinese originated items, an Indian avtar of PUBG was much needed. Yes, you guessed it right, FAUG, the game made for INDIAN’S by the INDIAN’s. FAUG: means soldiers, this announcement was made just after the news of PUBG ban was announced. Following the steps on becoming ‘Atma Nirbhar’, this game is particular to raise the value for our soldiers. This game is developed by Bengaluru headquarters nCore games, which will be an online multiplayer action game. FAU-G is an abbreviation of Fearless and United- Guards. Though this game is considered as an alternative to PUBG Mobile, that's not true, because FAUG isn't a battle royale game.

A game for INDIAS game lovers. 

Reasons why FAUG should be preferred over PUBG

  1. It's made to raise the value and respect with the youth and citizens for INDIAN soldiers. Here the first episode of this game will be based on the Galwan Valley incidence and followed by other battles fought by our army, which are yet to be released.
  2. Popularity of this game is going to benefit the soldiers. Because nCore Games revealed that 20%of its net revenue will be donated to the BHARAT KE VEER trust.
  3. Unlike other games this game won't have some imaginary battlefields, but is based on real scenarios. A game not only for the youth’s entertainment but also to understand the sacrifices of our soldiers and to ignite patriotism..

Check out its teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HgeZHs7hcU

The teaser says its 1st episode will be of the Galwan Valley and that the characters here will be INDIAN’s in the uniform. The poster of this game has already been released and this game is expected to be out by ovember 2020. FAUG will not only be limited to play store but will also be available on the app store.