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3 years ago

There are lots of known influencers in every creative field who have their own creative thought process, interpretations or ideas which make them unique and desirable to learn from. They have certainly very special in their field who champion it and do a leading change towards it. Likewise there are various famous website designers and famous web design companies that show remarkable change and come up with some brilliant ideas of creative web design. In this era of modern technology, we have some of the best website designers around the world who are responsible for some beautiful and best responsive websites and tools to learn from. Here we’ve picked up some future mover best website designers and their recommendations for you to be a professional in web design field.

Having a unique and eye catching design is important for any website which makes a first good impression on the customers and these first chances establish credibility to your company.

Have a look to 10 creative web design ideas from some famous website designers around the world whose design ideas you can look upto:

·       Ethan Marcotte:

He is probably the most famous website designer who is known for making some ‘best responsive websites’. It is an approach to web design where there is dynamic changes done to the website appearance based on size and orientation of the device. For example, you must have seen e-commerce website design such as Amazon, Flipkart who have various elements shifted when it comes to view the web page on a desktop and different when you see it on your smartphones. The viewport shuffles and is made accordingly to see the website both from the view of desktop or on a mobile view or may be called as mobile website design.  Over the years he has helped many best website design companies to tackle various challenges related to responsive web design. You can read popular design books written by him like, ‘Responsive Design: Patterns and principles’ and the other one ‘Responsive Web Design’.

·       Chris Coyier:

He is known as a world class CSS expert and HTML guru. He has various brilliant contributions in the field of website design and also helps the upcoming web designers to develop good website design and professional web design. CSS-Tricks are one of the most popular blog written by him throughout his career. He has distributed various ideas in many podcasts such as Shop Talk in the field of web design.

·       Sarah Parmenter:

She owns many famous design studios like You Know Who and Happy Monday based in UK. This user interface designer has designed some of the best ui design for iPhone and iPad. Parmenter is known to serve best ui website, some of the best clients like Blackberry, The National Breast Cancer Foundation of America, and News International. She is also a social media consultant, tech, beauty and travel blogger and offer course on Treehouse as User Interface Design. She has been invited by some famous web design talks to discuss about design career prospects. You can view the talk on Youtube and gather essential knowledge you could gain from her.

·       Jakon Nielsen:  

He is called as the smartest person on the Web and The King of Usability. He is the founder of Nielsen Norman Group, which conducts UX training, consulting and research. He has designed many famous websites and is known for making guarantee usability website designs. He has also imparted learning through heuristic evaluation of userability and has given 10 userability principles which could be a real help in understanding userability in making good website designs.

·       Jeffrey Zeldman:

Jeffrey Zeldman is considered as the father of Millennial web design. He connects emotionally with the product or service that the website offers and make honest, empathetic and fairness when it comes to passion of work. He is also the co founder of a publishing company called ‘A Book Apart’ and books such as ‘Responsive Web Design’ and ‘Mobile First’ which are legendry. He is also featured as the top designer for PRINT Magazine’s 2016 cover story “The Game Changers”. He has created an award winning website designs “Big Web Show”. You can learn mobile website design and best homepage design.

·       Shane Mielke:

He is a freelance creative director, designer and developer in South California. He has designed various adobe web designs, 36 FWA Sites of the day, 4 FWA mobile sites of the day and three adobe cutting edge awards and has worked as a freelance web developer for top web development companies in the world. You can refer to the various beautifully written books and can find inspiration from it such as Launch it: A Handbook for Digital Creatives, New Masters of Flash.

·       Jina Anne:

She is a designer and community developer and a lead designer on Lightening Design System. When you look at her portfolio section of the website which is divided into ‘Branding and Graphic Design’, ‘Web & Software’ and ‘Personal Projects’ she has portrayed minimalistic designs with elegance of typography and art. A web designer who is inclined towards minimalistic side of the design, they must see her style and can get inspired to make some best web designs. She conducts the first Design Systems conference; maintain the design and website for a high profile website Sass.

·       Dan Cederholm:  

He is the co-founder of Dribbble, the world’s largest graphic design sharing community of designers and artists around the world. He also owns a studio ‘SimpleBits’ in Massachusetts and is a web designer for various high profile companies across the globe such as Microsoft, Google, MTV,ESPN, YouTube, etc. His website is very similar to the interface of Dribbble as the homepage is designed with colorful grids of images representing each project differently plus a button which takes you to Dribbble. His designs are quite interesting and have a modern clean design approach in his work and his website is the treat for the eyes.

·      Una Kravets:

She is the UI engineer at DigitalOcean and has started DC and Austin Sass Meetup groups. Una Kravets’ portfolio show the sense of fun in each of her projects and has defines it in much informative manner. Once you see her designs you will be amazed at how she brings cartoonish designs along with the quality. If you are someone who loves typography in a comic book style you can find inspiration and sense of design from her in this field. She has also co hosted Toolsday podcast and has spoken around the world about the experimental CSS, intersection of design and development and image optimization in building a good website design.

·       William Beachy: 

He is the president of Go Media , which is a leading web design and graphic design company all over the world but, Bill does not only manages the company as the company is managed by a group of hired people. He believes in working hands on directly on designs and illustrations and often sell ideas. Go Media now designs for leading companies all over the world all thanks to William Beachy.

List of Best Web Design Companies

·      No Label Studios (Web design and development)

·      Due North Creatives (Website building, Graphic Design, Website Amends)

·      Dickiebirds Studio (Wordpress website design and development)

·      Eight25 media (Wordpress, HTML, Web Design, consulting)

·      Design in DC (Web Design and Development SEO)

·      Tiny Frog Technologies (Web development, marketing experts)

·      Lounge Lizard (Web Design and Development, Mobile app Development)

·      Clay (A top UI/UX and Web design)

·      Edesign Interactive (UI/UX design and development)

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A web designer designs and develops the design layout and makes it user friendly.

Web designing requires a lot of understanding of user ability and design elements. It has indeed a steep learning curve but can be achieved with practice and keen sense for design.

Courses like Lynda, Ultimate Web Design course, Memorisely, Design and code teach web design online.