Excitel | Wifi router settings | Forgot default settings

4 years ago

Hope you all are doing great, today we are with a new trick of how to setup your wireless router(Wifi).

We are getting many messages to provide the details how to setup wifi router as no ISP is providing right services to customers so here we are with the step by step procedure to setup your WiFi. In case you are with any old wifi router kindly press the reset/default button this will bring your wifi ssid in its default state.

Here you can find the full video covering the below steps! You can check this out...

Today this method is only for my excitel customers, as this company is rising up very fast its our duty to provide you the right information to setup your own home wifi just by following these simple steps:-

Step 1: Now just connect to your excitel wifi by any wireless device or by the ethernet cable connected to any desktop/laptop.

Step 2: Open any browser and just type this URL: or depending upon the router)

Step 3: This will open your default settings of wifi router.

Step 4: Now just look for the PPPoE option.

Step 5: In the username section provide your user id which will be in the format : 9XXXXXXXXX.name(the ten digit phone number followed by the name of person who purchased the connection )

Step 6: In the password section type the default password which you have received from excitel.

Step 7: Boom! Your wifi router setup is done .

This method will work for all company routers(Tenda router, DLink router, Netis router, Tplink router, netgear router, linksys router, Huawei router and may more) in the list.

For any query kindly comment below. This post is only for educational purpose any type of evil use of this post may lead you in danger. We are not responsible for any such issue. Kinldy use this setting only if you are a legitimate excitel user .