Excitel broadband connection – Selecting the right plan

2 years ago

In this modern era of technology, we have become so much dependent on internet. Nearly every task is affected by internet. Internet availability problems appear like problems of past ages, because of its easy availability and accessibility. But still the Internet speed and price matters. Society today demands unlimited plans with good internet speeds at cheaper rates. This can be proved through the case study of Reliance Jio, for it becoming one of the leading giants in India Telecom Industry. One such brand is Excitel, present to cater such demands.

About Excitel

                      Excitel is a booming Internet WiFi connection provider in India. They are dedicated to transform the way young Indians experience entertainment over Internet at home. With more than 3,00,000 connected homes, they are still growing. Their uber cool network design team keeps the hustle going- all the way from Europe! With the top ISP’s on their side, with LIT knowledge and resources at hand, they are destined to transform this industry sector.

Visit Excitel to know More through this link or visit https://www.excitel.com/

Why choose Excitel

Excitel is destined to win the hearts of its customers through its strong power factors,

  •       Super high consistency in performance
  •       European technology to Indian homes
  •        Regional partner network ensures exceptional last-mile delivery & local support
  •        Lightening fast and efficient customer support

There are various promising reasons for choosing Excitel as follows:

  •        They are obsessed to serve their customers at the best. Citing their customer’s obsession to internet, they are dedicated to provide ultrafast internet services.
  •        They keep the hustle going on, by making each second count, ensuring that the end users always enjoy the best internet experience! With multiple International stations they are confident in backing up their users and provide flawless internet connectivity.
  •        They love to deliver the best content to their users, noting the user’s love for online content by enabling tie-ups with most of the prominent media providers. Google Peering (YouTube & Google Play), Microsoft Peering (Windows and Xbox Updates and Apps), Extreme Peering (high-speed Web browsing and P2P transfers), Akamai (Facebook, Hotstar, Live Cricket), Netflix and many more Indian and foreign video-related services are now just a click away.
  •        They practice empathy by catering to the user’s requests, queries or complaints, early in the day or late in the evening. With seamless customer support, they enhance the user experience, ensuring a great connection every day. They play a right role i.e. they care for their customers even after delivering their products and services. This is best part about Excitel.

Excitel Broadband

Excitel brings whooping awesome broadband plans for its customers. It provides a wide coverage of services in major cities all over the country. Despite its finite number coverage cities, at present, it is destined to cover each and every corner of our country. 

Here the Broadband plan details and both the prices including and excluding GST are provided. Hope it serves right for you.

To know more about these plans click on this link or visit https://www.excitel.com/

Excitel Honest Review

Based on our experience the speed they offer is upto the mark. In comparision to Airtel Broadband Connection the uploading speed of excitel is 10 times more than that of Airtel.

One and only drawback is that whenever your internet gets disrupted then forgot that anyone will hear your phone calls until and unless your local service provider or vendor is good enough to pickup the calls. Your connection will get repaired within 24hr but you will not be able to know the exact time.

Excitel Fiber

Excitel has brought to its customers the all new Excitel Fiber with ultra-high speeds up to 1 Gigabit/s designed specially for home, delivered through end-to-end fiber optical network. Faster, smoother and better than any other internet connection one ever has experienced! They are ready to provide a FREE upgrade to Excitel Fiber considering one’s locality’s needs.