Emerging Era of Fashion Engineering

4 years ago

In today’s era fashion industry is considered as a global industry. Fashion industry is a product of modern age. Fashion can simply be defined as the style or styles of clothing, and accessories worn at any given time by groups of people. There can be differences seen between the expensive designer fashion and the mass-produced fashion sportswear and street styles sold in malls and market around the world. Textile and clothing industry is one of the oldest and most important industry in India. People are much interested in fashion and clothing from ages. Since technology has evolved so much so people are coming up with new ideas on fashion and clothing.

Fashion engineering or bachelor of engineering in fashion technology is an undergraduate fashion technology course. Fashion technology is the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories A fashion engineer applies engineering principles in design and manufacturing of textiles and fibre products as well as designing machinery, equipments and tools used in the fashion industry.

Fashion Designing:

Fashion designing is one of the most popular fields amongst students who are on the lookout for creative courses. Fashion designing is a specialization of humanities that covers the wide spectrum of fabrics, styles, patterns, colours, and trends that define the fashion of a particular era.

 In order to become a successful Fashion Designer, one has to possess certain skills to pursue this course as a profession. Some skills are listed below:

·      Good drawing skills

·      Creativity

·      Artistic thinking

·      Innovative skills

·      Good communication skills

·      Competitiveness

·      Observation skills to look for detailing


Trend refers to what is hit or popular at a certain point of time. In fashion industry, trends refers to fashion trend i.e ( the fashion which is hit, popular, creative and impressive at a certain point of time). For example, bell bottoms jeans were very popular and were in trends in the late 1960s and 70s and now this trend has came back in 2020.

Some of the latest fashion trends of 2020 are:

·     Oversized Victorian sleeves.

·     Chunky boots with feminine dresses.

·     Shoes worn over pants.

·     Vintage denims.

·     Loafers.

·     Kitten heels.

Fashion engineering courses:

School of fashion and design provides much broader spectrum of design education by meeting the nuanced needs of today’s industries.

Some of the courses-

Bachelor degree 4 years:

·      B.Des. ( fashion design)

·      B.Des. (interior design)

3 years:

·      B.Sc. (fashion design)

·      B.Sc. ( jewellery design)

Master’s degree 2 years:

·      M.Sc. (fashion design)

·      M.Sc. (interior design)


·     National institute of fashion and technology (NIFT).

·     Pearl academy.

·     Symbiosis institute of design.

·     JD institute of fashion technology.

·     Amity school of fashion and technology.

Fashion careers:

·     Sales related :

*sales associate



*account manager.

·      Design related:

*graphic designer

*textile designer

*creative director

·      Development related:

*product developer

*technical designer

*quality assurance manager.

And many more…….

Fashion engineering jobs:

·     Design director

·     Marketing director

·     VP of publicity


·     Senior designer

·     Art director

In the above list some of the highest paid jobs of fashion industry are mentioned.

Creative job title in the fashion industry:

·     Garment technologist: garment technologist is an innovative job working on the design and development of new materials through testing new combinations of yarns, textiles and fibres.

·     Fashion illustrator: fashion illustrators works with designers to create conceptual sketches and illustrations of fashion products.

·     Textile designers: they create 2D design for patterns to be used in printed, woven and knitted textiles.

So from here we can conclude that the primary job of fashion designer is to create the designs for clothes, accessories and shoes by understanding current trends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Creative thinking, technical knowledge, excellent drawing ability, commercial awareness of textile industries are some of the basic skills required to be a fashion engineer.