Eight IoT devices for smart and simpler living

4 years ago

Shalini Sindhwal

Internet of Things(IoT) devices are implanted with sensors, software, and electronics for the exchange and collection of data and information. Combining with the software and building connection over the internet, IoT devices exchange information helping the world with its simpler integration.

In today's world, there are various IoT devices and applications like smartwatches, wireless headphones and earbuds, wireless printers, Find my phone apps, smart homes, smart thermostats, personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and the Google Assistant, that are being used for multiple purposes.

Saving you a lot of time, IoT devices automate day to day tasks, carrying strong monitoring features which increase efficiency and gives you a better quality of life. 

Here are Eight IoT devices that can make living smarter and easier for you.

1. Smart Thermostats  

Smart thermostats can be controlled from anywhere, and it also learns daily routine by itself and change the temperature of your home without your assistance. It is also helpful when it comes to saving energy. They can also be used in offices to adjust the temperature and can be controlled by voice or assistant Siri or Cortana. 

Smart Thermostats can reduce the heating and cooling costs and control the heating, cooling, dehumidifier, and ventilation system. Wi-Fi circuit that connects the device to your internet and home network, automating the systems, motion sensors that will light up the display when someone enters the room, the smart Thermostat have it all. Also, they are easy to install. 

2. Google glass:

A headset designed with an optical-head display, including voice activation for interaction, Internet surfing, clicking pictures, and whatnot. Google Glasses incorporating augmented reality provides information using visual, audio, and location-based inputs. 

With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and camera, Google glasses gives all the requested information, and it also drops reminders, sync with the calenders, and provides step-by-step direction by collaborating with Google maps. 

3. Microchips

Generally used in the form of the tracer as the radar detectors, it can detect data about various things. It contains smart processors, intelligent analog certified wired and wireless connectivity, and security solutions.

With IoT, it can be planted on pet collars to keep track of their movement without physically looking for them. You can also keep a record of their health. 

4. Smart fridge

A fridge that can be controlled through a smartphone to send and receive notes and calendar entries and also gives alerts. IoT-enabled smart refrigerators not only notify you about the consumed items or empty containers in the fridge but also order them online before they run out. 

The production of smart refrigerators on a bigger scale is yet to start. LG, Samsung, and GE are a few manufacturers of smart refrigerators, and their models are rich with multiple features including a touch-screen display, interior cameras, and Bluetooth speakers. 

5. August Smart Lock and Doorbell Cam

With proven reliable security, August smart lock and Doorbell Cam allows the user to manage their doors and allows them to answer the door from anywhere. These devices constantly check and capture the motion changes on the doorstep.

6. IoT Printers

IoT printers monitor their paper and ink and also warn when they are getting low. They can make an order for ink and paper without human involvement. They can be connected to inventory systems. The IoT printers can offer operational efficiency, improved service quality, and sustainability. 

7. Voice Assistants

The constantly growing voice assistants can perform various tasks from taking notes, setting reminders to delivering alerts. Delivering audio results, booking flights, controlling remote security are some other tasks Voice assistants can perform. 

The voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Bixby connects all essential functions in your home and are an important component of connected homes. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

The IoT devices has capability to connect with internet and and they are integrated with technology like sensors, functional software, and inbuilt technology that makes them smarter.