Covid-19 On Technology: The Changes In Trends

4 years ago

Technology cannot be avoided anywhere, whether it is the onset of a pandemic. From past few months, Covid-19 has impacted effectively in all the sectors and trends either personal or professional. But during this time of uncertainty, the technology has proved itself to be that lifeline for which we all are willing even more.

Impact Of Covid-19 On Technology:

Here's the top changes noticed in technology due to covid-19:

  1. WORK FROM HOME (WFH): The Work Form Home Model has ensured the continuous working in various fields like businesses and learning even in the Covid times. Internet, data privacy security, virtual meetings, cloud connections, etc. have assisted professionals in adapting the Work From Home scenario with an ease. Work From Home opportunity can be considered as a blessing during the time of pandemic. Deskflex is social distancing tools for bringing your employees back to the office.
  2. ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT: Covid-19 pandemic is responsible for many transitions in our day-to-day lives. Considering Entertainment, Online streaming of live shows and concerts have gained popularity across the world. Over The Top (OTT) platforms are trending in terms of watching movies and web series. That's how, during covid-19 pandemic, when people are almost free at home, the platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Voot Select, etc. are on the peak in providing the ease of viewing.
  3. DISTANCE LEARNING: According to a survey, around 191 countries over the globe have declared the closure of school and universities. That means, the study and learning of a large number of students must have been affected badly. But No! Again during the covid-19 pandemic, many educational institutions opted for distance learning which includes courses online. Technologies like Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality are enabled with Artificial Intelligence and ensured that the learning is not disrupted in pandemic times.
  4. STOCK MARKET: The adoption of Technology in the stock market industry proved to be quite good for brokerage firms. Due to pandemic, the clients of brokerage firms are mostly staying indoors and are getting more free time than before to access the market, and resulting in the increase in trading volumes.
  5. FITNESS AND HEALTH APPS: As gyms and other fitness centers were closed for the time being during covid-19 pandemic, the fitness and health apps provided the comfort of remaining fit while sitting indoors. This technology included conducting of live workout sessions on their apps and social media platforms.

Innovations In Trends Due To Covid-19:

Here's some innovations in trends due to corona virus in the technology:

  1. AUTOMATIC MASK MACHINES: To prevent and fight the dangerous corona virus, to overcome the shortage of N-95 masks in India and to eliminate the import of Chinese products, the technologists started manufacturing Automatic Mask Machines. They are around 40% cheaper and capable of producing N-95 masks.
  2. ONLINE SHOPPING AND ROBOT DELIVERIES: Even during Covid times, online shopping still managed to provide happy hours through online orders and deliveries. Online shopping platforms are also developing a Robust logistics system ramping up Robot deliveries through clear protocols to safeguard the sanitary condition of delivered goods.
  3. JEEVA SETU VENTILATORS: Innovators in REVA University in Bangalore invented a low cost, oven-sized, portable ventilator. As quoted by the officials, this ventilator is expected to deliver 500-600 ml of air per breath and 15-18 breaths per minute, as specified for corona virus patients.
  4. TELE-HEALTH: Wearable personal IoT devices are effective in tracking vital signs. That's why, Tele-health can be an effective way to provide essential primary care during Covid times. Tele-health requires a certain specific level of tech literacy to operate.
  5. ROBOTICS AND DRONES: Covid-19 provided a strong push to the usage of Robots and Research on Robotics so that human interaction can be prevented. Drones are also helpful in performing many jobs in terms of social welfare and reduce labor force to embrace the change.

Covid-19 has proved that technology have been helping in managing the times in a systematic innovative and calm manner in every specific sector. Advancement in technology is on a great pace of progressing and it will continue to grow exponentially.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to covid-19, the technology is developing on a fast pace. As noticed, online entertainment, work from scenario, online learning, etc. such things are developed so fast just because of corona virus pandemic.