Choosing Feasible Cloud Services

3 years ago

You must've heard about cloud computing from someone or the other, or in the form of cloud storage, or someone saying that my data is in the cloud. Now we all hear something and associate it with something. But have we ever pondered upon the question of, "what is cloud computing?"

Well, you heard that data gets stored; it also helps to deliver different services through the internet. The internet is the cloud.

What are the functions of cloud computing? What is its purpose?

This method helps to deliver information without manual involvement. If you have an internet connection, you can access any of your desired data from it. There's no stress in searching for files, unlike the way you used to access it from the traditional storage. It is a safe place for your data, and the transfer of information can take place easily via the cloud. That was the storage aspect of cloud computing.

Now we can consider the internet as a cloud, anything that takes place using the internet, and whose access we can have from anywhere is called cloud computing. It's just like having access to clouds merely by sitting on the ground. Now you can relate to what happens in cloud computing. 

Even everyday activities that include work involving the internet happens via the cloud. Cloud is a place where you can access all your information. Now comes the question, "Is it safe?"

It prevents people from accessing your personal information because you control who can view your data and who can't. The data is also encrypted, which makes access to information extremely difficult. 

Coming to our main topic, that is the feasible cloud service providers out there. Few of the best cloud service providers are 

  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. Google Cloud
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. IBM Cloud
  5. Alibaba Cloud
  6. DigitalOcean

Where does someone go from here? What to look for when choosing a cloud provider?


What are the features of lookup? We should consider the RAM capacity, the number of CPU Core that they are providing, the transfer rate of data. There's a set limit to transfer data every month, and it renews every next month. Then comes the SSD capacity of the server, which means how much data the server can store. We also have to take a look at the security of the service. When a client is searching for such services, he/she wants proper protection provided by the service providers. These are some of the features you should look upon while buying cloud services. 


We're talking about the feasibility of service providers, so we should take into account the pricing of these services. The more the services, the more is the pricing, but this is the time where we need to compare the prices for the same services. How much you're paying for the same service from different service providers? For example, Digital Ocean provides 25GB SSD, 1TB transfer rate, 1vCPU, 1GB RAM for just 5$ a month. So you can compare the prices likewise of different service providers.


There are many ways to access the server; some providers hand you with the credentials to Cpanel (Control panel) and a link to access these credentials or credentials of SSH (secure shell). So you have to know what with which access point you are comfortable to use and if the service provider you've chosen is providing you with your desired access points or not?

So, these were the few things that one should take into account while choosing a cloud computing service provider. Have a clear-cut picture, figure out the purpose of what you want cloud computing, and after comparing those best cloud computing service providers, you can choose your best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud and cloud computing, the concept is entirely safe, it is difficult to have access to personal information because all the data is encrypted.