Best Wallpaper Apps for Android 2020

4 years ago

Wallpapers are the best tool to customize your homescreen and lockscreen to change the look and feel of your display, i personally change wallpaper every week to refresh the look of my homescreen. It is easy to get wallpapers with just one google search but it is not necessary that these wallpapers will match your taste or good in quality, here are the some apps on playstore which will provide you high quality wallpapers with variety of options to match your taste.

As mobile display is getting better and better with small bezels and beautiful Amoled displays, wallpapers plays major role in displaying the beauty of the smartphone displays. Wallpapers define the unique personality of an individual, If you are bored of your stock wallpapers, here is the list of Apps that will rock your homescreen with beautiful and unique wallpapers.

1.Wallpapers By Google

This is the one of the most downloaded wallpaper app on playstore with over 100 million downloads, You will get many high quality wallpapers with variety of generic like Space,textures,landscape etc. Google wallpapers also contain Live wallpapers which looks amazing but at the cost of battery life. the advantage of using this app over other wallpaper app is security because many wallpaper app on playstore may infect from malware and this comes from hence you don't have to worry about the security.

Download Wallpapers from playstore.

2.Walli - 4k,HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

The best free HD wallpaper app with over 10 Million download on playstore, this app is collection of great artwork wallpapers with amazing quality for free. They have very talented designers and artists who provide unique and interesting wallpapers which will make your device display attractive and standout.They provide you the opportunity to contribute your artwork and earn money and recognition.They have various categories wallpapers such as Space,nature,Black,Animal and many more to match your taste and customize your screen, they recently added automatic wallpapers change feature to personalize your home and lock screen automatically from your walli playlist.

Download Walli from Playstore.

3.Zedge Wallpapers & Ringtones

This is the most famous wallpaper app with over 300 Million users, they have enormous collection of high quality wallpapers along with Ringtones, notifications and Alarm tones. I personally use this app because of the unique collection and categories of HD wallpapers that perfectly fit in to the aspect ratio of your device. The best feature of this app is that they upload the stock wallpapers of a newly launched device in no time without compromising the quality of the wallpapers, if you are the person who loves the stock wallpapers of any other device you can try this app. Along with high quality wallpapers they also have large collection of Ringtones and notification tones to fully customize your device under Zedge ringtones option. Additional features of this app is Video and Live wallpapers which are very interesting but requires premium membership to get the full benefit of it.

Download Zedge from playstore.

4.Amoled Wallpapers

Amoled wallpaper is the best wallpaper app to customize your amoled display smartphones with unique minimal wallpapers, these high quality wallpapers will save your battery if you have a Amoled display smartphone( about 15% more battery backup). they have 8+ categories with 4k and HD quality wallpapers along with minimal UI to enhance user experience .This app features one click wallpaper setup option to set wallpapers easily with adfree user experience. This is the best wallpaper app for you if you want minimal wallpapers with elegant and unique styling. They have pitch black wallpaper collection to maximize your screen on time and set wallpapers according to your taste.

Download Amoled Wallpapers from Playstore.

5.Backdrops - Wallpapers

Backdrop is the home of colorful and Attractive high quality wallpapers which will give your device a refreshing and unique feel. The collection of backdrop is very unique with categories like Pattern, cityscapes Geometry shapes,Outer Space etc, they also have wallpaper to match your mood for displaying your feelings which looks and cool and catchy to the eyes of observer. They have beautiful UI with various app features like Wall of the day and match your mood to customize your device.

If you want out of the box designed wallpapers in high quality this is the best wallpaper app for you however there is one disadvantage of this app which you can't save the wallpaper offline without paying for pro version, you have to download the wallpaper each and every time to set it.

Download Backdrops form playstore.

6.Muzei Live Wallpapers

The is the best customized wallpaper app with various features like blur adjusting, grey adjusting and dimming, you can select famous art work and customize it according to your preferences. This app also give you the option to select your local camera photos and turn them into a beautiful live wallpaper with small customization, this will represent the creativity of your mind and photography skills. If you want the best free live wallpaper app with great customization option this is the best option for you.

Download Muzei Live wallpapers from google Playstore.


This is the best wallpaper app for futuristic generic and high quality wallpapers, as the name suggest this app is loaded with tons of dope wallpaper with over 20+ categories with popular section to provide the collection of all the trending wallpapers for filling your display with swag and savageness. They have huge collection of superhero and anime characters wallpapers in HD quality, you will also love the UI of the app which is great and loaded with useful features like crop and share.

Download Dopewalls from playstore.

8.Walpy- Wallpapers

This is the newly launched wallpaper app with over 500k+ downloads, this is best looking wallpaper app with eye pleasing UI and functions. You will get the amazing collection of simple and cool wallpaper that cares about your battery,data and performance. All the wallpaper are high resolution images and you can also customize the color,brightness and contrast of the wallpaper to suite your taste and liking. This app has the far best UI than any other wallpaper app present on google playstore.

Download Walpy from Playstore.

Almost all the above mentioned apps contain adds but you can buy pro version to get rid of adds and also get additional premium app offering features. If you need extremely high quality images and wallpapers you can also check Reddit and Xda developers website, they will provide you the original ported stock images of the newly launched phones.

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use pitch black Amoled wallpapers to save battery on your amoled display smartphone.

No, IPS panel does not save battery on black wallpapers because it does not have ability to lit individual pixel like amoled screeen, in IPS screen pixels are lighted with a single backlighted panel.In amoled black color is shown by lighting off the pixel whereas it is not possible in IPS display.