Best Online learning platforms during covid

2 years ago

The outbreak of Corona virus has changed the way we learn, from physical presence of learning (schools, colleges, institutions) to online mode of learning. Let's take an in-depth study at forms of online learning as well as the best websites and universities that serves as the best learning platform today.

  • DistanceEducation

Distance education, which is also known as distance learning is a form of learning with the use of technologies that facilitate a communication between both teachers and students. They are usually conducted for students who cannot attend schools and colleges physically.

  • Online Education

Online education widely provides benefits to students or anyone wanting to expand their knowledge in any field of study. Especially during covid, this learning form has been largely utilised by almost everyone since it covers a wide range of subject study globally.

  • Online schooling/ home schooling

Home schooling has been one of the most famous way of learning especially in America and other parts of the world due to its convenience. This has been widely introduced again due to covid. School and college students depend largely in this mode of study in coping up with their academic study. They learn their subjects of study conducted by their respective schools and colleges. It is advantageous during covid, where students can stay safe at home and learning online at the same time.

  • Top 5 online learning platforms
  1. Coursera
  2. SkillShare
  3. Allison
  4. Udemy
  5. Edx

One can enhance their skills based on their subject of Interest with certification through this learning platforms, with improving chances of landing in their dream jobs.

  • Top 5 universities with online programs

The number of universities with online programs has surged over the past months due to covid outbreak. Here are some of the top 5 universities with best online programs.

  1. Harvard University
  2. Stanford University
  3. London school of economics (LSE)
  4. University of London
  5. Georgia Institute of Technology

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