Best KissAnime Alternatives to Stream Anime

3 years ago was one of the main streaming anime sites. It was the most-visited pirated website after Pirate Bay, according to a report. However, as with all pirate websites, there is still a looming threat from authorities and copyright owners, because after all, pirating content is illegal.

On August 14th, reports of KissAnime beta server not working were observed, and then later KissAnime came up with a note on its website that read, “Our beta servers have been taken down by copyright holders, this could lead to the close of the website. We will make more announcements after we have the decision.” In only a matter of few minutes, KissAnime began trending on Twitter, with people speculating about the website's demise, and then finally KissAnime has been taken down.

Operators of the online anime streaming platform have not released a comment. However, it is suspected that because Japan criminalised manga piracy back in June, this was bound to happen. The fact is, the KissAnime ship's sailed. The only thing we can do is check out the best websites to replace move on without KissAnime.

Owners of copyright and Pirate websites have been playing cat and mouse for years, and it's always the users who carry the brunt. So here I've mentioned KissAnime's best alternatives to living for a long time.

DISCLAIMER: We DO NOT promote any kind of piracy. This article is just for entertainment purposes ONLY.

1. Anime-Planet:

It is a very oldest and popular website among lovers of anime and manga, and has 45,000 episodes of legal anime. Website is well built professionally, it looks like a premium website but is free. Depending on your interest it generates list.

Anime-Planet is a great alternative to view Anime online. This alternate website of KissAnime offers a unique GUI to enhance the browsing experience. The home page features a list of recommendations including today 's newest and most famous Anime. Browse Anime through a range of filters, including genre. The website has a huge selection of Anime like new, old, subbed and dubbed. You could jump straight into the content, but you can build an account if you wanted to better your experience, more so.

Having an account gives you the option of doing things like creating a watch list and getting better advice. This is a perfect place to experience Anime beyond the occasional pop-up ad. You can join Anime Planet group if you want to connect people like you who love to watch anime and manga online.

2. AnimeFreak:

AnimeFreak is one of the most popular Anime websites offering a huge high-quality Anime series library, which is also free of charge. AnimeFreak has thousands of Anime streamings that you can start watching immediately without ever paying something or signing up for.

AnimeFreak has been one of the most-streamed web sites from the new to the old Anime Series. If you are having an account or not, you can access the web site. You can filter the list by category so locating the ones you are searching for would be easier. Furthermore, it includes whole episodes that you are watching. That only means you can't skip any chapter, and you will be updated. If you press the Anime Episode photo tab, you'll see a detailed overview of the list of series, ratings and episodes.

The AnimeFreak GUI doesn't differ much from other websites. All the same categories are available that most other websites offer, such as browsing by genre, exploration of alphabetical content, latest update, and so on. The only variation is in logo colours. AnimeFreak's colours are little vivid but they won't bother you in any way. Since learning about this website, trust me that you will not be asking Anime watching for any more anime websites.

On the other hand, it loads fairly fine when speaking of site pace. So if you'd like to consider watching here, this is one of the recommendations.

3. AnimeHeaven:

The next online site for anime is AnimeHeaven, close to KissAnime. This anime site helps users to watch the new and the hottest shows and movies from Japan. If the users have a secure wireless link, AnimeHeaven is able to download the high quality anime episodes. It also includes a segment where users will be able to watch the Japanese anime series dubbed in English.

One positive thing about this platform is that it shows the timetable for the release of anime episodes that will continue. Users wouldn't miss any of their favourite series with respect to this choice. One of the website's disadvantages though is that it is filled with several ads.

4. Chia-Anime:

For many reasons, Chia-Anime is considered to be a true alternative to KissAnime. First, both the Anime steamers are free to access and both offer a great collection of Anime stuff, including Anime shows, movies, and videos.

But Chia-Anime's GUI is little messy. When you visit the Chia-Anime, you'll find ads residing in the website that make browsing the website a little sloppy. But otherwise the website is nice enough for Anime lovers of all sorts.

The Chia-Anime not only streams the Anime but also makes the later usage to download. The Chia-Anime, Anime series are both subbed and dubbed so you don't even need to be a Japanese native to enjoy your favourite Anime. All in all, Chia-Anime has everything that makes this one of KissAnime's worthy alternatives.

5. GoGoAnime:

This platform includes anime shows of all sorts, dubbed and subbed. They have some classic and rare gems, as well as the new and most popular Anime to be found. Now KissAnime is banned, GoGoAnime is a fantastic KissAnime alternative. Great for fans of anime around the world. As with other alternatives, it provides different types of Anime such as Action , Adventure, gaming and much more.

The GoGoAnime allows you to watch web series Animated, Movies with English subtitles. You can choose between thousands of clips that are available to stream online without paying any extra fees. We haven't seen pop-up advertising though when browsing the website. But side banners were there to display advertising as this is the only remaining profits. The viewing experience is good overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, KissAnime's files has been taken down by the copyright owners for good.

Anime-Planet, AnimeFreak, AnimeHeaven, Chia-Anime, GoGoAnime are some of the best free alternatives for KissAnime.