Best Gaming PC build under 40,000 in India [2020]

4 years ago

Hello guys today we are going to build the best gaming PC possible under the budget 40,000 INR, It includes best performing parts possible with almost zero bottleneck. Building your first own gaming PC is very exciting and confusing at the same time, In this article we will try to solve all your doubts regarding the components and provide you the best available gaming experience under the 40k budget so without further due here is the list of the part that we are going to use in this built :-

  • Intel Core i3 9100F processor
  • GTX 1650 Super Graphics card
  • 8 GB of DDR4 Ram (2666 Mhz)
  • GIGABYTE H310M S2H 2.0 Motherboard
  • 1 TB WD Blue HDD
  • 120 GB m.2 Sata SSD from Adata.
  • Antec NX200 RGB Cabinet
  • Cooler Master MWE 450 Watt PSU

1.Processor:- Intel i3 9100F

This is the 4 Core/ 4 thread CPU with 3.6 Base clock and 4.2 Boost clock speeds which is great for budget level gaming, this is the most affordable gaming CPU with great gaming performance. The main reason we include this CPU in this built is the price to performance ratio This processor can easily compete with Ryzen 3500 CPU which is a 6 core CPU from AMD, i3 9100F is slightly better than Ryzen 3500 in terms of gaming performance.

4 cores are enough for budget level gaming although it may be a bottleneck for the new AAA titles which demands more than 4 cores, But it will do your work fine and especially in this price segment this CPU is total beast.


  • Cores and threads :- 4/4
  • Base Clock :-3.6 GHz
  • Boost Clock :- 4.2 GHz
  • TDP :-65 Watt
  • Cache :- 6 MB
  • Socket :- LGA 1151
  • Warranty :- 3 years

This processors comes with CPU fan and no integrated graphics which makes it cheap and better value for money, It supports Dual channel ram @ 2400 MHz.

Best buy link for i3 9100F :- MD computers

2.GPU:- Inno 3D GTX 1650 Super

The graphics card we used in this built is Inno 3D GTX 1650 super which is a ultimate graphics card in the budget section, This GPU can beat GTX 1060 GB in terms of performance. This powerful GPU can handle all new AAA games at 1080p ultra settings with 60 FPS and for highly demanding titles you can lower the settings to high and can enjoy the supersmooth gaming at 1080p resolution. The processor and graphics card are perfect for each other, there is negligible amount of bottleneck in the system, you don't need to worry about it.


  • VRAM :- 4 GB GDDR6 type
  • GPU Boost Clock :- 1755 MHz
  • GPU memory clock :- 12gbps
  • Memory Interface :- 128 bit
  • Ports :- HDMI 2.0b, Display port 1.4, DVI-D
  • Cuda Cores :- 1280

This graphics cards comes with twin fan design which is good for heat management and maintaining the boost clock for larger amount of time. This card comes close to GTX 1660 in terms of performance which make it the best graphics card under 15k segment. It requires 6-pin connector for power and comes with 3 years of warranty.

Best buy link for Inno 3D GTX 1650 super:- MD Computers

3.Motherboard:-GIGABYTE H310M S2H 2.0

Motherboard selection is also a important step in the building a gaming pc, you have to check the compatibility of your CPU and also the ports and features of the motherboard. This is the best motherboard for this built with the support for 8/9th gen Intel CPU and m.2 SSD slot. This comes with the support for 9th gen intel CPUs out of the box, you don't need to update the BIOS for it.


  • Form factor:- Micro ATX
  • Dual channel ram support upto 2666MHz
  • PCIe gen2 x2 m.2 slot
  • LGA 1151 socket
  • realtek gbe LAN chip
  • Great Audio card
  • 2 x USB 3.1 ports
  • Easy and user friendly BIOS

If you want to know more about the port and special features of the board, you can visit the GIGABYTE official site, This is only motherboard in this price segment that comes with m.2 ssd slot which is very important for modern gaming Rigs.It comes with 3 years of warranty.

Best Buy link for GIGABYTE H310 S2H :- MD Computers

4. RAM:- 8 GB DDR4 Ram From Gskill

In today's gaming standard 8GB ram is the minimum requirement for a gaming setup, if you can extended your budget a little bit you can purchase another 8 GB stick and run both ram in dual channel mode, It will significantly improve the gaming performance.

This ram runs on 2666 MHz which is good for gaming and the tested latency is 19-19-19-34. Gskill provide lifetime warranty for the RAM which is a great offering.

Best buy link for Gskill 8 GB ram:- MD Computers

5.Storage:- 1 TB WD HDD + 120 GB Adata M.2 SATA SSD

When it comes to HDD we use legendary 3.5 inch WD blue 1 TB hard drive which is the best budget hard drive available in the market. It is a 7200 RPM hard drive which have decent speed and comes with 2 years of warranty.

We also include the SSD in this built for faster boot time and faster launch time, It is Adata ultimate SU650 which is a m.2 SATA SSD with 550/510 MB/s read and write speeds.

Best Buy link for Western Digital Blue 1 TB :- MD Computers

Best Buy link for Adata M.2 120 GB SSD :- MD Computers

6.PSU:-Cooler Master MWE 450 watt supply

For this built 450 Watt power supply is enough, you will not face any power related issue. During building a PC never ever compromise on the Power supply, it can damage your entire gaming PC. This power supply comes with 120 mm fans for cooling the PSU and maintaining the temperatures under lower fan noise.


Wattage :- 450 Watt

Certificate :- 80+ white

PCIe connector (6+2) :-2

SATA connector :- 4

This power supply comes with 5 years of warranty, it is highly efficient and produce less fan noise.

Best Buy link for Cooler Master MWE :- MD Computers

7. Cabinet:- Antec NX 200 RGB case

When it comes to Cabinet choice it fully depends on the customer personal taste but you have to check some important information before investing in any cabinet. Always check that the motherboard is compatible with your case or not, then check the availability of space inside the cabinet to fit all the components properly inside the cabinet with proper heat-flow and ventilation.

Antec NX 200 is great looking case with side glass panel and supports upto 5 fans. Form factor is ATX which means it can fit ATX, mirco ATX and mini ITX motherboard in it.It weights 3.44 Kg and comes with 1 year Warranty.

Best Buy link for Antec NX 200 RGB case :- MD Computers

Total cost of the components:-

1. Intel Core i3 9100F processor = ₹6,650

2. GTX 1650 Super Graphics card = ₹14,100

3. 8 GB of DDR4 Ram (2666 Mhz) = ₹3,683

4. GIGABYTE H310M S2H 2.0 Motherboard = ₹5,200

5. 1 TB WD Blue HDD = ₹3,377

6. 120 GB m.2 Sata SSD from Adata = ₹2,262

7. Antec NX200 RGB Cabinet = ₹2,600

8. Cooler Master MWE 450 Watt PSU = ₹2,650

TOTAL = ₹40,522

All the parts are picked from MD computers because it is the best place to purchase PC components at the best possible price , You can pickup parts from amazon also but some of the components are unavailable right now.

This gaming PC is capable of 1080p high-ultra settings at 60 FPS on most of the modern games, for detailed analysis of the gaming performance of this pc you can refer to this video.

We will post a complete series of articles on pc building under 50k, 60k, and many more, Stay tuned for other cool and best gaming PC build under various budget segments.

Frequently Asked Questions

i3 9100F is slightly better than ryzen 5 3500 in terms of gaming but if you want more cores and will do editing on your PC, ryzen 5 3500 will be best for you