Best Gaming Consoles In 2020

4 years ago

What are gaming consoles? 

The technology has out done everything, even the games. The gaming consoles are electrical devices which are specially made to play video games by connecting it to a television, computer or screen.

It was earlier made for playing video games using television only. It consists of a gaming box which also requires physical involvement sometimes depending on the game playing.

Types of gaming consoles 

Generally there are two types of gaming consoles which includes: 

  1. Home video game console: These are the devices which are generally connected to television or computers and are intended to play in a living room or personal room. These can be wired or wireless. Handhelds are also in these consoles but they work only as a controller. Some examples includes playstation4 , Xbox one 
  2. Handheld video game console: These are the devices which consists of a screen and controller altogether. It contains a chargeable battery and it can be carried on a journey too and play anywhere. Some examples includes Gameboy, portable PlayStation, Nintendo 3DS.

Best gaming consoles of all time

Gaming consoles are available in the market since a long time. After a span of every 3-5 years a new generation of gaming consoles are released in the market. Technology is just advancing over many decades and best products of it are made. 

What makes a product good? 

Not just it's sales or brand name or popularity makes it good, the quality, the processor mainly makes it good.

Some of the all time good gaming consoles are: 

Best 5 gaming consoles of 2020

The gaming consoles which are present in 2020 are with the best processor available nowadays and are the latest generation.

The top companies which produces gaming consoles are SONY, MICROSOFT, NINETENDO.

Amongst so many gaming consoles the top 5 are : 

Microsoft Xbox One X Gaming Console:

  • It is best for 4k gaming which delivers 4k resolution and HDR at an eye-popping 60 frames per second.
  • It also follows commands given to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Nintendo Switch Lite Portable Gaming Console:

  • For the handheld consoles, this is the best device available so far. There's a vast selection from which it can be picked. 
  • Also it is available in many colours like yellow, turquoise, grey.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming Console: 

  • It also gives 4k resolution but the best thing is, it doesn't require expensive desktop or laptop computers.
  • Also it can stream 4k content of Netflix, Amazon Prime or other streaming applications.

Microsoft Xbox One S Gaming Console: 

  • Xbox one s is one of the most reasonably priced gaming console. It is slim in size and more eye catching than Xbox one.
  • Like Xbox one it can also follow commands given to Alexa or Google Assistant. It can also stream 4k resolution content from streaming applications.

Apple TV 4K Streaming Player:  

  • The Apple TV 4k consists of a powerful A10X Fusion chip, for the game lovers who can play on a big screen with iPad, iPhone as well by just AirPlay screen mirroring.
  • Like other consoles it can also play 4k streaming content which also includes Apple's own TV.

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You should buy the affordable and good quality gaming consoles like PS 4, Xbox one S, Ninetendo Switch lite