Amazon:E-commerce Giant &Top Deals on Great Indian Festival

4 years ago

Hello! Readers, is Amazon your go-to online retailer? Know how Amazon started its journey to become e-commerce and tech giant.

Have a look at some of the top deals on smartphones, appliances, fashion and beauty products, etc. and more about the Amazon's Great Indian Festival 2020. Come-on I have got this engaging article for you.

Here you can check, who founded Amazon ? And how does it function? Know more about Amazon's highly demanded products like Audible, Kindle, Echo and Amazon prime. This article also has some lesser known facts about Amazon becoming the world's largest e-commerce website in merely 20 years. Just have a look.

Amazon: from an online bookstore to an e-commerce giant

Yes! It may sound surprising to many of us, but the present global leader in online shopping once started as an online marketplace for books. In July 1994, a 30 years old American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, founded an online shopping brand and named it, Amazon.

When Bezos launched Amazon, his business plan was just to sell books online at cheaper prices and to introduce competition to the existing retail book market.

Things grew bigger and Jeff's unmatched business strategies made Amazon a global merchant in a wide variety of products. It has products ranging from books, electronics, groceries, homewares to high-end fashion products. There is no comparison to Amazon’s dominance in the e-commerce space.

"We see our buyers as guests invited to a party, and ourselves as the hosts. It’s our everyday job to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little better." – Jeff Bezos

Here are 5 reasons why Amazon is so successful

Massive range of product categories, customer focused approach, personalised service, interactive interface and unmatched quality, etc. are basic ingredients that make Amazon stand out in the crowd. Let's have a look at some key insights on the strategies that took Amazon's business to the 9th cloud.

1. Constant innovations that are customer oriented. For e.g. Amazon's Echo, an innovative voice-controlled tech.

2. Outstanding customer service: Jeff Bezos believes" The best customer service is, when the customer doesn't need to call you,

doesn't need to talk to you. And, it just works".

3. More reviews on products: the company was one of the first to introduce a review system on it's website in 1995 and since then

Amazon started earning $2.7 billion per year.

4. Special offers to crush all the market competition: Amazon's great Indian Festival Sale and Flipkart's big billion days are

massive shopping fiestas that arrive at the same time during festivals. But, Amazon's special offers, wide products range,

unmatched quality and excellent customer service makes it a one-sided game.

5. Personalised shopping experience: By keeping a track of customer's search and purchase history, the company advertises

similar products and provides personal attention to their needs. Also, this helps in advertising more and eventually increasing their


Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

Are you a shopaholic like me? If yes, then this section is going to be your super favorite. Find out some of the top deals on your favorite brands and products. Like every year, Amazon's Great Indian Sale has begun from 17th October 2020, where the company is offering a massive discount on smartphones, gadgets, home appliances and many more categories.

What's special?

● This year Amazon has partnered with with HDFC bank to offer 10% discount on all products.

● As always, Amazon is offering a heavy discount on smartphones. Both Android phones and iPhones are available with offers.

● During the sale, Amazon is also offering easy exchange, returns and easy EMI options.

● Millennial, attention please! iPhone 11 is available for just 47,999 on Amazon, you can get more discounts with bank offers.

Bottom line: So, what are you waiting for? Best deals are up for grabs. Visit your favorite shopping website and fill your shopping cart with latest deals. I curated this article after a thorough research. And I hope you find this useful. Thank you so much for giving your valuable minutes to read it. Here's is me signing off!