All new Samsung Notes, exciting features l Best apps of 2020

2 years ago

Samsung has introduced Samsung Notes across its mobile devices. Samsung has set an all new level of creating and accessing notes like never before. It has always worked hard to set an example for androids from time to time towards perfection. The all new Samsung Notes provides you with the features you have never heard of, you can split pages and write notes just as on actual notebook, you can scribble over the text, import PDFs and write over them, you can record and present things one below the other. These unbelievable features makes me wanting to study. 

The split page feature helps in dividing pages for different notes and accessing would become a lot easier and interactive this way. You can write text or maybe use pen to scribble on it.

The new update provides you the opportunity to import PDFs into the notes and in addition to this, you can write over the pdf to help yourself understand better. 

You can draw images into the notes and the best part, use the pen to write over it. I just love this feature, imagine explain kids the different parts of plants during online lectures, this is the real advancement. 

Now here comes the phenomenal feature, you can record your audio, and present different topics, images or texts as the recording goes on. This makes you to better understand things in just couple of minutes. 

Okay, so are you excited about the all new Samsung Notes? The good news is that you can use it even if you're not a Samsung user, all you need is to have an android phone your hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can download it from Google Playstore and use for free, but only on Android.