Alarm Stickies: Create Notes with Alarm

4 years ago

If we are accustomed writing notes to recollect pending tasks or data that we cannot forget, we may know that it's possible to use them on our computer. If, additionally, we'd like these notes to alert us by means of an alarm, receiving a notification on the desktop, the Alarm Stickies application will be of great help to us.

Notes with reminders thanks to Alarm Stickies.

Alarm Stickies could be a completely free program, without advertising or pop-up windows with a donation request, that permits us to line smart alarm reminders on our Windows computer. during this way, when the time comes, the note automatically jumps to the middle of the screen to notify us.With this straightforward notes application, we are going to have:

  • Instant support to record a note that we are not going to see, since it's saved in a its database.
  • A practical quarterly calendar.
  • A Space with Phone Book functions along with search function.
  • Possibility of permanently registering recurring events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc., so we are able to receive alerts some days earlier.
  • Use a quarterly calendar.
  • Possible to receive notifications with sound.
  • Schedule multiple notes

Create and configure reminders with this program

The first thing to try and do is download Alarm Stickies at no cost from its website , being compatible with Windows 7/8/10. Once we download and run the program, it'll be within the background within the bar at the underside left. If we click on the icon with the correct button, an inventory with the available options will appear. to form a note we are able to bang from that menu or just by pressing the shortcut Ctrl + P. during this way, a window will appear on the screen within the kind of a note where we are able to start writing.

In the upper left a part of the note we are going to see within the corner a unique color that may be green or purple. If it's green it implies that we are able to write it and from there we are able to move it across the screen. The note will always be visible on the screen in the least times, being above other applications. If you wish to delete you may should drag it out of the screen at the underside. to avoid wasting it we are going to only should move it to the correct side of the screen.

Set an alarm

If we would like to line an new alarm, we must press the F8 button and that we can set the date and time of the reminder. Within the Alarm Stick options, we are able to see an inventory with the notes with alarm within the “List of stickies with alert” option. we are able to also configure its sound within the “Sound Settings” option. Here we are able to choose a straightforward or continuous sound, being possible to settle on between four differing types of sounds. during this way, on the scheduled day, the note will appear and can play the sound that we've chosen.

Repetitive notifications

In the Alarm Stickies menu we've the likelihood to line recurring notifications using the “Recurrences” option. Here we are able to add notifications like birthdays, anniversary or the other event that happens on a recurring basis. it's as easy as adding a text, selecting the date, selecting if we would like to receive a notification and clicking on add and delete after we now not need it. At the underside we are able to configure it to notify us the times earlier that we establish.

Quarterly Calendar

Another option that we've within the Alarm Stickies menu is to possess a quarterly calendar. Here we are able to see the notifications of every day, additionally because the recurring notifications. it's also possible to form a replacement alarm date by clicking on the specified day. Just activate the “Quarterly Calendar” option within the options menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

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