Adobe Photoshop: Easy to learn+Relishable job+ Makes money

4 years ago

Among all other freelancing jobs, photoshop which is, by the way, the most creative, passionate, relishing job with zero investment. Photoshop is not intimidating or complex to learn and work on. It requires creative designing and manipulating photos, used for creating artworks from scratch.

I believe everybody is creative, and this lockdown has revealed it for sure. Here I have listed stepwise reasons why Photoshop is among one of the best freelancing jobs.

1.Prerequisite: To learn for free

  • Adobe PS tutorial: If you have made your mind to start photoshop then why not learn it from its master (inventor). They have a free skill level based tutorial as the beginner level, intermediate level. They have explained everything in short video samples. This is the best website to learn photoshop from.
  • Tuts+: Next comes in the list Tuts+, they also have short bite-sized lessons on specific techniques. They come among the most searched learning websites to learn photoshop.
  • Photoshop cafe: They have primacy for beginners. For people who want the information to be in simple language can choose this option.
  • Phlearn: This website gives a wide range of information from basic to advance free, it's a great deal.
  • GCF learn To begin work with basic and important knowledge about photoshop they have kept 10 core lessons and five supplementary. They also arrange a quiz to test our understanding and to give rise to our interest.

2. Relishable Job: Photoshop is overly a knack job. It requires no time to learn the basics of photoshop, approximately 5 hours. And if you want additional qualities you need 20-30 hours. But merely practice can make you a master. This job can never be jeopardized. We know this after any company is set up the primacy is its logo which connects it with the user. Photoshop is as like as salt in savory. But I have to make you aware that nothing happens suddenly, for every good thing to take place needs time, hard work, patience, and persistence("Persistence is the key to success").Jobs on HIIT for photoshop

  • Graphics designer
  • Freelance Designer
  • Web developer
  • Graphics artist
  • Web Graphics Design

3. Making money: My main motive is to focus on how we can make photoshopping money profiting jobs.

  • Print on Demand services: If printing is the job you prefer then you can go for POD services. The few most famous and best websites for print on demand services are,,, and You can earn almost $5000 per 5 min with dedicated work and persistence.
  • Selling your editing skills: Editing scratch photos for big companies can help you make money. First of all, create your professional profile including all your qualities, though you may not get jobs at the beginning but as said keep trying.
  • Create preset and actions: Creating your presets and actions is also one of the top easiest money makings. Websites like Creative,, etc.
  • Creating and selling fonts: Similar to selling preset and action you can do it well with selling fonts. Go on different websites surf there for the best deal. Here are a few- Fontspring (70% commission), MyFonts(50% commission), creative market(30% commission), etc.
  • Create website themes: Every time we open social networking sites we come with new websites and those websites need their theme page, an attractive, innovative, expressing the motive of the website. And you can begin up with websites like Themeforest, Major themes.
  • Create tutorial websites or youtube videos: The last by not the least method to get money is going for the option of teaching others Photoshop. Though as you know you will need a good amount of viewers to start making money as it's among one of the most growing and demanding jobs nowadays you will one day make it true, have faith, and work in the direction of success.

This job will undoubtedly take time to make you money as every favorable thing takes it time to fulfill. But if you are enjoying what you are doing you will surely love it. You can also see it in many freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, and guru. Obviously, start with low-cost after 10-15 jobs you will automatically start gaining more preference then increase the cost and you can make up to $100 to $3000.