8 Weird Gadgets Ever Created

3 years ago

Inventions are being made throughout the world in almost every field, be it technology or any other field. However, as more and more people are getting involved and the competition is increasing, many new innovative gadgets and ideas are emerging. People are coming up with new inventions, either by combining some previous ones into a new one or creating something totally out of the box. Some of them are very weird but still useful while some are just weird.

Let’s have a look at 8 such weird gadgets –

1.   Toilet Night Light – Well, have you ever had any accident while going to the washroom at night while you were looking for the switch or you find it exhausting to look for the switch at night when going to the washroom and just want to go and be done with your business. Now, this problem of yours can be solved using this toilet night light, which has heat detectors to sense your body heat and lights up in several different colors of your choice. The light will also close automatically whenever you leave the room. Great now, you can go pooping whenever you want.

2.   Calculator Watch – If you are a nerd and really into calculations, then this is the right gadget for you. Just wearing it would tell people : “I don’t have time for your shit, I am a nerd and I only have the time to do some very cool calculations.” The watch is available in several designs and prices.

3.   HapiFork – It is a device aimed at helping you to eat. If you are tired of eating with an ordinary fork and want some change in your eating, then you can purchase this. The fork is said to vibrate when you eat too fast. It is also said to have Bluetooth. If you eat like an animal, then this would surely help you turn into a human with a few broken teeth in the process (if you are not careful).

4.   Modobag – Having trouble reaching your flight in time? Finding trouble carrying around your luggage at the airport? Well, Modobag is now here for your rescue. This motorized suitcase can turn into a mini scooter of sort for you to ride and reach for the checkpoint. Travelling was never so much fun, isn’t it? Now, you can travel around the airport and have everyone’s attention easily.

5.   Oombrella – If you have seen the popular sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, then you would be familiar to how a yellow umbrella circulates across the show. Tracy leaves the umbrella at a bar which is later picked up by Ted. And at the end of the show, they are seen standing together under the same umbrella realizing how they had each other’s possession. Well, if Tracy had an Oombrella, the situation might have been different as this umbrella can send its last known location to its owner. This umbrella can also send alerts regarding the weather to your phone if you are not a fan of watching the weather forecast.

6.   Automatic Pet Feeder – Well if you are working most of the time and your little pet is back home wondering when you will be home to feed them. Then, this is just the device for you. This way you can go enjoy your office parties right after work without worrying about your favorite pooch dying due to hunger.

7.   Solowheel – Do you find walking boring or is your bicycle using too much of space in your garage? Then, there is just the right product for you. A solowheel can be a boon for you. This battery powered device just needs you to stand on it and let it whisk you away. Also, you need practice for riding this or you will just topple around all the way. Now, you can try to look cooler in front of your friends who prefer walking or using a normal bicycle.

8.   Moodmetric – It is a device that tells you what mood you are in and also helps you manage those emotions. The ring connects to a smartphone app that displays how intense a person’s emotions are at a time. So, if you have trouble identifying your emotions then go ahead.

Thus, these were some 8 weird gadgets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Weird gadgets are devices which are unique in their own way and can be either useful or useless.