5 Most Expensive Things in Dubai

3 years ago

Dubai is a costly city to live in. Its created business and vacation destinations have expanded the financial worth of this city. Vacationers generally come into Dubai with no spending arranging. The expense of a private unit, food, and beverages, shopping, lease a vehicle administration, and numerous different costs regularly resentful the explorers' spending plan.

On the off chance that you are wanting to Places to visit in dubai  however you have a low spending plan, you need not stress over this. You can restrict your costs by taking a couple of things with you. Alternately, you can keep away from exceptionally costly things while remaining in Dubai. Coming up next are some most costly things in Dubai.

Food and Meal

Most food items are brought into Dubai. The food and suppers you eat in Dubai are somewhat costly. On the off chance that you request a serving of mixed greens rather than pasta, the serving of mixed greens will cost more since vegetables can't fill in the desert. Other than cheap food, vegetables, and organic products, the most costly food varieties are pastries, for example, frozen yogurt and cakes.

Frozen yogurt is too expensive that a scoop of The Black Diamond frozen yogurt is sufficient to agitate your dinner spending plan for the entire month. It has 23-carats of eatable gold sheet pieces at the cost of 2999 AED. Cakes are likewise costly especially on the off chance that you will purchase a Golden Phoenix Cupcake, you should pay 3700 AED to purchase the world's best sweet.


However open vehicle is accessible in Dubai, still a few group face transport issues. The world's biggest metro is additionally not ready to reach all over the place. Additionally, you can't appreciate the agreeable and sumptuous convention of a vehicle.

You can go for a vehicle rent alternative to stay away from transport issues. Well everything relies upon your visit span. Likewise, you own a brilliant card, you can benefit of an agreeable seat in a different compartment of the metro by paying twofold charges without fail.


The costs of sodas are moderate. Tea, espresso, and different beverages won't annoyed your financial plan however a mixed drink will. These days, individuals appreciate mixed drinks after progress or accomplishment to communicate their bliss. These beverages ought to be kept away from to keep up with the financial plan.

The most costly mixed drink is served in Burj al Arab in AED 27,321. This savor comes 18-carat gold glass with a stirrer of important oak case. On the off chance that you can't survive without a mixed drink, drink it from a nearby bar also breakfast in Dubai.

Spa Treatment

Travelers are regularly not cognizant about spa medicines if their excursion is for a brief span. In any case, business explorers especially style industry voyagers regularly go for these medicines. Attempt to take your facial and spa medicines yourself.

Most likely the spa administrations of Dubai are noteworthy however the expense isn't tolerable for everybody in light of the fact that these facial medicines have the joining of some valuable metals to give a characteristic shine to your skin.


There are some fundamental things that can't be even disregarded remembering your convenience for an inn or private condo. The most costly and rich inn in Dubai is a 7-star lodging i.e., Burj al Arab. However there are numerous lodgings at reasonable costs, their least expensive rates are as yet higher for guests.

In the event that you live in an inn of the farthest spot to set aside your cash, you should bear voyaging costs. You can lease a vehicle from a modest vehicle rental organization to get across Dubai.

In spite of this load of costly things, you can deal with your financial plan by settling on the other least expensive thing. I trust you will make the most of your Dubai trip by bearing less tension on your pocket.

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