5 Lesser-known & more secured web browsers

5 months ago

Recently, the world heard a lot of gossips regarding the security issues in Xiaomi handsets which proved to be interesting fodder for news channels. Chinese company Xiaomi has been accused of storing the personal data of its users through its pre-installed browsers - Mind browser and MI browser. The users reported that the phone continued to keep a record of their whereabouts on browsers even when used in ‘‘incognito’’ mode and whatever the user searched was sent to the servers. This made a lot of people more cautious and more suspicious about the web browsers they use and what information they pass through it.

Talking about the guardian of many, the incognito mode, the easily bought myth has to be broken too. If you think you are well-uncovered browsing on incognito mode and nobody will ever get to know your whereabouts there, then I apologize in advance to break your heart. Browsing in this mode only prohibits your phone to save the browsing history, site data, cookies, or information entered on forms by users. Whatever you search in this mode is not saved locally on your phone but it is still sent to the server which can be easily assessed by anyone. So stay alert!



It is a 75 MB app. It has an option of activating ‘HTTPS everywhere’ instead of HTTP which makes it highly secure for surfing the net. Its ‘Do Not Track’ feature allows you to keep your personal browsing to yourself. Apart from this, it has many other features including Ad blocking which is a relief from the UC Browser. They have been implementing fingerprint randomization and there are some more advanced tools that utilize things like Tor is all built on chromium tight security standards. It uses the duckduckgo search engine, therefore, whatever data you upload or whatever you search, the strings do not get uploaded anywhere which makes it extremely secured.

Here is the link to take you to the Brave browser. https://bit.ly/3fLHxDB


It is a 15 MB app. The most amazing thing about this browser is that it provides a free, unlimited VPN- Virtual Private Network, It eases the user from installing a separate VPN app releasing a lot of space. Besides that, it has all the necessary features of ad blocking, dark theme, HTTPS, and others. It is altogether a great browser to be used when you talk of privacy.

Here is the link to take you to the Cake Browser. https://bit.ly/2WtHPY1


It is a 77 MB app. TOR stands for The Onion Router according to Wikipedia. This browser is the most secure one you’ll ever find. It is completely encrypted which makes it so damn secure. The internet protocol or the Tor protocol is very different from other browsers. It is similar to the VPN. It has a solely different way of accessing the internet ensuring that none of your data escapes your phone not even in your wildest dream. The multi-layered encryption makes it unshakable when it comes to privacy.

Here is the link to take you to Tor Browser. http://bit.ly/2rzRaRz


It is a 46 MB app. This browser is like Rome based on chromium and provides a minimalistic user experience. Its default settings are set to extreme privacy. It means that the browser will never attempt to keep browsing history, password saving, DNS prefetching, etc. It immediately removes cookies, html5 local storage, etc. after a session. It has an integrated ad blocker and does not store any data from its user.

Here is the link to take you to the Epic Privacy Browser. shorturl.at/szB23

#5 DuckDuckGo BROWSER

It is a good, light 12 MB app. It was initially designed as a search engine that has advanced into a browser too. It allows the user to drown themselves in the browser without the fear of getting exposed to what they browsed. It does not store or share any information on its users which extends to search history, cookies, and IP addresses. The out of the box feature of duckduckgo is that it presents a cleaner no-frills interface although the website does not contain ads, these are based only on the search term entered and not on any other information about the user. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred web browsers for secure browsing.

Here is the link to take you to DuckDuckGo Browser. http://bit.ly/2W68Lx0

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