5 Games To Ease Your Lockdown Boredom.

4 years ago

Games always have been an important part of our lives. And even in this modern world of web shows, social media etc gaming still is a popular genre of entertainment.

Now true gamers know that mobile gaming isn't actual gaming but they too like to play a ton of games on their smartphones. Gaming in controlled manner can be therapeutic as well.

So here's a list of 5 games that'll get you through this lockdown associated stress and boredom and would give you a much needed break from sleeping all the day.

Note: I have not included the absolute people's favourite games like candy crush or COD mobile or PUBG as a vast number of people know about them and already play it regularly.

Now let's get started;

1. Bitlife Life Simulator.

Bitlife is absolutely a gem of a game when it comes to engaging and entertaining life simulation that really feels amazing to play.

You take birth. Get the chance to choose the first thing you do and your choices result in consequences. It's a complete life experience from taking an education, to insulting your parents ( which you never should in real life), becoming a superstar dj to the biggest con alive. Bitlife let's you do all that.

The sheer amount of things you can do as a character is just amazing to be honest.

It's absolutely worth a try.

Download Bitlife For Android;


2. Cell To Singularity.

This one is quite a special game. Apart from being a fun idle game it's a fantastic way to learn about the evolution and beyond it.

Run simulation of planet Earth from it's very begining to the unbelievable age of Singularity. Witness a detailed evolution chain and complete milestones to earn rewards.

I played this game very recently and I loved every second of it. It's a treat for science lovers specially.

Definitely a worthy addition to your phone's app drawer.

Download for Android;


3. Cash Inc.

Though the 2nd one and this one are of similar playing style, the biggest difference is in terms of the theme and level of satisfaction from both of them. The former one was basically an educational game while Cash Inc is a purely a game to sit back and enjoy.

Now, all of us want to become mad rich and so here's your chance to do so while playing this game. Obviously I'm talking about in game money that you can not transfer by any way to real life. But the money making experience is sweet as sugar.

One thing to say though, you'll definitely get to know your numbers much more as you play on in the game. And the in game characters are just a joy to look at.

Try it once at least, you'll love it.

Download for Android;


4. Stickman Dismounting.

Well.. well..well... What can be more fun than a good ol' stickman game.

All of us like stickmen. They're basically the first piece of art that we draw. And they're amazing by all means.

And when you get a chance to play a fun stickman game, you bet you should not let it pass. Just like this one.

This game promises you insanely fun acrobatic, deadly and ouch worthy action where you break your stickman in the best ways possible to get the highest score with a variety of characters, vehicles, props and levels.

Try it for Android,


5. FIFA, NBA AND Madden NFL.

World sports is at a standstill and thus it the time to hit the virtual playground to hone your skills in games based on real world sporting events. And when it comes to making games of sporting genre EA Sports is the top gun.

While many of you who have a console or a PC are maybe already playing these titles there. But for the rest of us who don't have either powerful setups or the machines itself, these mobile versions of your favourite sports are definitely a life saver.

I have played all 3 of them personally and still do play the first 2. Apart from entertainment it is also a good opportunity for you to improve your knowledge about these popular sports.

Download FIFA Mobile; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ea.gp.fifamobile

Download NBA Mobile,


Download Madden Mobile,


I hope these games would help to pull you out of boredom and help you relieve that stress and anxiety.

Will be back very soon.. (◍•ᴗ•◍)